Top 5 Highly Effective Cross-Selling Strategies to Increase Profits and AOV

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Cross-selling is the best marketing strategy for ecommerce businesses. It helps to increase the average order value (AOV) and revenue, enhances customer satisfaction and builds long-term relationships.

The proper cross-selling strategy can give you consistent sales and build customer trust. The main goal is to offer more value to the customer than money. Simply suggesting other products can help buyers solve their problems while increasing the amount of money they spend each time.

In this article, we dive into the top 5 highly effective cross-selling strategies to increase profits and AOV.

What is Cross-Selling?

Cross-selling is a sales strategy businesses use to market or sell related products to customers to increase overall purchase value. In other words, encourage customers to spend more by recommending other products based on added to cart.

For example:

An e-commerce store selling men's clothing can sell shoes to customers and display other related products such as socks, perfumes, and other accessories.

The benefits of cross-selling

Boost AOV

Your offers are more likely to be accepted if you feature additional products and add-ons on your website. The more customer adds your cross-sell recommendations to the cart it helps to boost AOV without increasing the product value.

Improve Profitability

Getting bundle or bulk orders helps with saving packaging & delivery costs. These extra costs improve profitability in ecommerce business and keep your inventory fresh.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Cross-selling increases revenue and profit and enhances customer satisfaction by understanding your customer by offering complementary products to their needs.

Top 5 Highly Effective Cross-Selling Strategies

Recommend related products

The most common & easy way to start cross-selling is to recommend similar products or offer bundle discounts. This strategy is outstanding for enhancing customer experience. Showing the personalized bought products in the carousel helps the buyer find the better-suited products.

In cart opportunity

In add-to-cart cross-sell, you just showed them directly above the add-to-cart button instead of recommending products. You have to display products that are related to the original cart product.

Offer free delivery

The most cross-selling strategy that customers want is free delivery & shipping. This strategy works well when customers reach a specific price point in the bucket. This technique is highly effective as it can save the customers extra delivery costs while increasing the number of orders.

Discounts on bundle

Another effective cross-selling strategy is grouping specific products into an attractive package. Bundling is a brilliant sales technique because it reduces packaging, labelling and shipping costs. Instead of buying three different products individually and get delivered separately, it is time-consuming for both the seller & buyer. The proper sense of bundling boosts conversion & increases business profit.

Thank you page offer

Cross-selling strategy does have limits to showcasing offers. You can also offer after a sale when the buyer is on the 'thank you page. Thank you. Page is more valuable for customers and gratitude from the business toward the buyer. This feels customers are satisfied with shopping. This is the right time & place to use cross-selling techniques.

Bottom Line

Cross-selling plays an essential role in maximizing sales in an ecommerce business. It will help to boost 10-30% revenue. Use Wizio cross-selling Shopify app to skyrocket your revenue. Save time and implement these best cross-selling strategies for your ecommerce store.