5 Upselling Techniques and Examples to Maximize Shopify Sales

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Want to know simple & easy upselling techniques to boost your orders and revenue for your Shopify store?

Getting new customers for your Shopify store in a competitive market takes time and effort. For that, you have to think outside the box in marketing strategy.

Upselling & cross-selling are one of the best marketing strategies. It requires less work and is cost-effective to increase the average order value (AOV) or average revenue per user (ARPU). Each customer generates more revenue for your Shopify store, all without you spending more money and time.

This blog will tell you the best Shopify Upselling Techniques 2022 that will help you boost sales & increase overall revenue.

What Is Upselling?

Upselling is a sales technique to persuade the customer to buy an upgraded or premium product. Mainly this technique is used by ecommerce businesses, SaaS companies, and online courses to maximize revenue.

5 Upselling Techniques and Examples to Maximize Shopify Sales

1. Select the right upsell: Select the right upsell depending on your ecommerce business needs and the type of product you sell. Check out the best upsell types below. 2. Version Upgrade: Offer a premium version of the product & service. For example, sell advanced mobile phones with upgrade ram, camera and memory specifications.. 3. Quantities: Attract customers by offering bulk quantity significant discounts. Instead of buying one pair of jeans, show them to buy three get one free shirt. 4. Customization: Offering personalized, customized products to customers, such as t-shirt printing. 5. Protection: Protect your product by adding an extended warranty. You can usually get a screen or keyboard replacement warranty if you buy a laptop.
Use side-by-side comparison

Using side-by-side comparison is the most basic upselling strategy. This showcases the comparison between selected products, and customers can weigh the added features and benefits

For example, if you shop online with Amazon, you'll see product comparison tips on every product page.

Offer bundle Product

The most popular upselling technique you can pursue is offering a bundle to your customer rather than a premium version. Bundling is a way to convince customers to spend more by selling related products.

For example, instead of selling a laptop, you offer a 'laptop bundle' that includes a laptop bag, screen & keyboard guard, laptop stand & cooling fan, which works out cheaper for customers than purchasing all the accessories separately.

For Shopify owners, you can install an app such as Wizio Bundle to create different product bundles and upsell to your customers.

Add a personalized recommendation option.

The latest and most effective upselling techniques by adding personalized recommendation products to the customer. This option shows the list of product recommendations at the bottom of the website to attract a buyer to add something else to their carts.

For instance, please look at the eBay store, which entices customers into its upsells with recommended products to create a personalized offer for your Shopify store.

Create urgency

As time goes on, the fear of the offer ending starts. This is called FOMO or fear of missing out. Creating this FOMO for your products can help increase the number of orders. This upselling technique is available for a short time & quantity only.

For example, highlighting the offers that are easy to read & easy to see customers with "Limited Time Offer", "Just 2 Hours Left of This Sale!" or "Offer Closes Soon" encourages customers to purchase now instead of missing out.

Start upselling selling to maximize Shopify store income.

Upselling is a time-tested marketing strategy to inspire customers to pay more and get more value. When creating an upselling offer, always consider customers, promote relevant products, and keep providing less than 25% of the total cart.

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